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This section presents selected articles on the Turkish economy. More academic articles may be accessed via the working paper series link below.

Departmental Working Paper Series

Agenor, P. & N. Bayraktar

Contracting Models of the Phillips Curve (2003)

Agenor, P., McDermott C., M. Ucer

Fiscal Imbalances, Capital Inflows, and the Real Exchange Rate: The Case of Turkey (1997)

Anand, R. & S. van Wijnbergen

Inflation, External Debt & Financial Sector Reform: A Quantitative Approach to Consistent Fiscal Policy With An Application to Turkey (1988)

Celasun, O., C. Denizer & D. He

Capital Flows, Macroeconomic Management, & the Financial System - Turkey 1989-97 (1999)

Celasun, O., R. Gelos & A. Prati

Would "Cold Turkey" Work in Turkey ?  (2003)

Dibooglu, S. & A. Kibritcioglu

Inflation, Output & Stabilization in a High Inflation Economy: Turkey 1980 - 2000  (2001)

Domac, I.

Explaining and Forecasting Inflation in Turkey (2003)

Domac, I. & A. Mendoza

Is There Room for FX Intervention Under an Inflation Targeting Framework ? (2002)

Eichengreen, B.

Crisis Prevention & Management: Any New Lessons from Argentina & Turkey ? (2001)

Emir, O.,  Karasoy, A. & K. Kunter

Monetary Policy Reaction Function in Turkey (2000)

Erbas, S.N. & F.E. Nothaft

The Role of Affordable Mortgages in Improving Living Standards & Stimulating Growth: A Survey of Selected MENA Countries (2002)

Gokkent, G.

Asset Bubbles & Business Cycles: The Real Estate Market in Turkey (2005) 
Regional Integration in MENA - Draft (2004
Credit, Deposit Interest Spreads in Turkey (2002) 
Financial Sector in Turkey: 2002-2007 (2002)
Mali Sektor 2002 - 2007 (2002)
Another Case of Twin Crises: Turkey (2001)
Failure of an Exchange Rate Based Stabilization Plan in Turkey (2001)
Elusive Seigniorage (2001)
Enflasyon Geliri Serabi (2001)
Turkiye Bankacilik Sektoru 2000'li Yillarda (2000)
Misplaced Faith in Autocontrol Mechanisms Begs for Proactive Policy (2000)  
Simultaneous Home Bias and Cross-Holding of Assets Under Information Asymmetry (1999)  

Guimares, R. & C. Karacadağ

The Empirics of Forerign Exchange Intervention in Emerging Market Countries: The Cases of Mexico and Turkey (2004)

Iwata, S. & E. Tanner

Pick Your Poison: The Exchange Rate Regime and Capital Account Volatility in Emerging Markets (2003)

Krueger, A.

The Importance of Economic Policy in Development: Contrasts Between Korea & Turkey (1987)

Leigh, D. & M. Rossi

Leading Indicators of Growth & Inflation in Turkey (2002) 
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey (2002)

Lejour, A.M., R.A. de Mooij & C.H. Capel

Assessing the Economic Implications of Turkish accession to the EU (2004)

Lim, C.H. & L. Papi

An Econometric Analysis of the Determination of Inflation in Turkey (1997)

Ongan, M.

The Seasonal Adjustment of the Consumer & Wholesale Prices: A Comparison of Census X-11, X-12 Arima & Tramo/Seats (2002)

Ogunc, F. & G. Yilmaz

Estimating the Underground Economy in Turkey (2000)

Rodrik, D.

Premature Liberalization, Incomplete Stabilization: The Ozal Decade in Turkey (1990)

Rossi,M & A. Rebucci

Measuring Disinflation Credibility in Emerging Markets: A Bayesian Approach with an Application to Turkey (2004)

Sahinbeyoglu, G.

Monetary Transmission Mechanism: A View from a High Inflationary Environment (2001)

Sancak, C.

Financial Liberalization & Real Investment: Evidence from Turkish Firms (2002)

Shatz, H. & D. Tarr

Exchange Rate Overvaluation & Trade Protection - Lessons from Experience (2000)

Tanner, E. & I. Samake

Probabilistic Sustainability of Public Debt (2006)

Tansel, A.

Cigarette Demand, Health Scares and Education in Turkey (1993)

Unalmis, D.

The Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey (2002)


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