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Business Law

The Legal Structure in the UAE
Tort Law
Tort Law
Wickline vs. California  & Wickline vs. California Brief
Kozup vs. Georgetown University
The Firestone Case
Dow Corning
Salomon Brothers
Contract Law
re Union Carbide
Tarbert Trading vs. Cometals
Filanto vs. Chilewich
Transatlantic Financing Corp vs. US
Delchi Career vs. Rotorex
DIFC Contract Law
Trade Secrets
Massachussetts Law on Trade Secrets
GM Lopez
Forms of Doing Business
Forms of Doing Business in Dubai
Going Public
What is Going Public ?
Going Public in the U.A.E.
Corporate Governance
Bankruptcy - by J. Akula
Antitrust Primer

Global Financial Markets and Institutions

Exchange Rate Arrangements
Policy Effectiveness Under Three Different Exchange Rate Regimes
IMF Chronology
IMF Facilities
Common Criticisms of the IMF
World Bank
Bank for International Settlements
Impact of Proposed Basel Accord Changes on Turkey
European Monetary System
World Trade Organization
Issues Regarding Globalization
Issues Regarding Globalization II

International Banking

Letter of Credit
Bankers' Acceptances
Islamic Banking Glossary
Symptoms and Leading Indicators of Crises

International Economics

Sample Questions I
Brief Answers to Sample Questions I
Answers to Mid-term Examination I

International Financial Management

Exchange Rate Arrangements
Symptoms and Leading Indicators of Crises
Big Mac Index
European Option Pricing

International Monetary Economics


International Trade


Macroeconomics Principles

Practice Questions 1 - Answers
Practice Questions 2 - Answers
Practice Questions 3 with Answers
Practice Questions 4 Page 1, Page 2,Page 3, Page 4, Answers
Practice Questions 5 with Answers

Managerial Economics

  Please note that the assignment and practice questions are posted below.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3  & Demand Equation
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chipty, T. " Vertical Integration, Market Foreclosure, and Consumer Welfare: An Empirical Investigation", mimeo, December 1995
Godwin, M., Chapman W. & W. Manley, "Competition Between Florida and California Valencia Oranges in the Fresh Market", Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations Bulletin 704, December 1965
Tansel, A., "Cigarette Demand, Health Scares and Education in Turkey", Applied Economics, V.25: 521-529, 1993
Other Reading
OECD, "The Inflation Process", in OECD  Economic Surveys: Turkey, Annex I, pp.72-74, June 1997
Review of Econometric Tools
The Economist, "Private Profit, Public Service", Schools Brief, December 9, 1995
The Economist, "A Much Devalued Theory", Schools Brief, January 20, 1996
The Economist, "Theories of the Firm", Economics Focus, February 10, 1996
The Economist, "State and Market", Schools Brief, February 17, 1996
ASSIGNMENT - perfectly competitive market structure
Answers to mid-term exam
Regression Data Set
Effect of Tax or Regulation Related Cost Increases
Multiplant Operations
Final Exam Sample
Practice Question - Regression Analysis
Practice Question - Regression Analysis Answer

Microeconomics Principles

Problem Sets
Demand & Supply Concepts - Answers
Elasticity Concepts - Answers
Cost Concepts
Return, Cost Concepts
Market Structure Concepts
Sample Tests
Sample quiz 1

The Turkish Banking System

Central Bank History
Central Bank Law
Frequently Used Monetary Policy Tools (in Turkish)
Interbank Money Market (in Turkish)
Open Market Operations in Turkey
Central Bank Analytical Balance Sheet  & Analytical Balance Sheet Under Stand-by Arrangement
Conversion Table - CBRT Balance Sheet to Analytical Balance Sheet
Argentina: Summary Operations of the Financial System 1992-1997
2003 June - Developments in the Turkish Banking System
Answers to Mid-term Examination I
Symptoms and Leading Indicators of Crises: Turkey in 2000
2000-2001 Crisis Chronology


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