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Forecast Turkey brings together macroeconomic information focusing on the Turkish economy from diverse sources.  Below is a plan of the site. Please note that bold colors in this site indicate collapsible tables or links; double-clicking on these will reveal additional content.

Turkey at a Glance  -  Summary country data, parliamentary breakdown

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                  International Agency Forecasts - EU, IIF, IMF, OECD

                  Government Forecasts - CBRT, MoF, SPO, UT

                  Forecast Turkey - On hold; will eventually provide private sector forecasts. For now, try the above


                   International Agency Articles -

                            Official Agencies - EFIC, EU, IFC, IMF, OECD, World Bank, WTO

                             Private Agencies - Fitch, JCR, Moody's, S&P, sovereign rating scale and summary, PWC    

                   Government Articles - BRSA, CBRT, MoF, SDIF, State Banks, SPO, UT

                   Academic Articles - Selected articles, departmental working paper series

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                    CVLinks to my various articles and papers

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